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The APBPA is excited to announce it’s new Honorary Youth Memberships!

By February 3, 2020January 6th, 2022No Comments

Enter promo code APBPAYOUTH on the website for Honorary Youth Membership pricing of $125/annually.

Honorary Youth Membership includes all of the valuable ABPBA Member benefits except direct financial assistance.

The intention of our youth program is to facilitate the implementation at a national and international level of what needs to be brought back that has been lost from the past especially regarding the inner city youth, and for example, our Board Member Ted Williams was adamant playing pepper not be lost.

We thank Darrell Miller of Compton MLB Youth Academy, Leroy Hawkins, Perry Barber, Ike Blessitt, Alonzo Ganther, Ryan Paepke, PK Kelleher, MLB Youth Academy and so many others who have brainstormed with us to create a valuable, impactful, and uplifting experience for the youth.

We will have a powerful new network in the next few weeks for our Members to sign up as Professional Baseball coaches, mentors, and for public speaking as a method of monetization for our Members and to give back to the youth.

PK Kelleher, of AZ World of Baseball, has been appointed our Director of Youth Services to help oversee the youth program and to help us roll out their new team uniforms co branded with the APBPA’s logo.

Let us please all support our Baseball Youth and help us reach the inner cities more effectively. They need us more than ever.