Current Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Madison, President

Current Board Members

  • Tony LaRussa, Board Member
  • Dusty Baker, Board Member
  • Tom Gamboa Board Member
  • Brooks Robinson, Board Member
  • Mike Scioscia, Board Member
  • Kameron Loe, Board Member
  • Howie Bedell, Board Member

Advisory Council

  • Dan Fears Esq.
  • Donna Cohen Esq.
  • Steve Sumner Esq.
  • Bill Budzinski
  • Catherine Rhee
  • Maryann Castello
  • Dan Rosquete Esq.

Directors of Services

  • Maryann Castello-Director of Health and Wellness Services
  • Dr. Drayton “Smoke” Patterson-Director of Mental Health Services
  • Ray Holbert–Director of Former Player Services
  • Mark Acre–Director of Educational Resources and Business Skills Services
  • Ike Blessit Jr-Director of Youth Services
  • Fernando Arroyo-APBPA Director of MLB Youth Clinics
  • Rudy Arias–Director of International Player Services
  • John  Dittrich-Director of Club Relations
  • Perry Barber-Director of Women’s Services
  • Matt McDermott-Director of Independent Ball Services
  • Kevin Jacobson-Director of Ministry Services
  • Sergio Perez-Director of Player Communications
  • Erik Sabel-Director of Addiction Services
  • Matthew Repplinger, Director of Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Seven Bumbry, Director of Alternative Therapies

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