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Current Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

  • Kameron Loe, President

Current Board Members

  • Orel Hershiser, Board Member
  • Mark Grace, Board Member
  • Howie Bedell, Board Member
  • Tony LaRussa, Board Member
  • Manny Parra, Board Member
  • Gerald Smiley, Board Member
  • Steve Bumbry, Board Member
  • Nick Corso, Board Member, Treasurer & Vice President
  • Dr. Erin Shannon, Board Member & Vice President
  • Kevin Simmons, Board Member & Vice President
  • Peter Weinstein, Board Member & General Counsel

Advisory Council

  • Robert Baca, Legal Advisor
  • Mike Dempsey, Risk & Accounting
  • Brian Hemsworth, Marketing
  • Eddie Tantoco, Advisor
  • Greg Wolfe, Special Projects

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