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Association of Professional Ball Players of America®

Ballplayers Helping Ballplayers

As a professional ballplayer, you are a member of a special brotherhood & family. We take care of our own. Join today!
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The APBPA is a 501-C3 Charity Organization

Who is the APBPA?

Association of Professional Ball Players of America®

The Association of Professional Ball Players of America® (APBPA) was formed in Los Angeles in 1924. That’s when twelve former players—including Babe Ruth—gathered and determined there was a need to assist less fortunate members of the baseball profession. Since then, the APBPA has grown to more than 101,500+ current members. ​

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How do we help baseball professionals?

These are some of the areas that the APBPA provides assistance to baseball professionals:

  • Financial Support
  • Medical Support
  • Career Counseling
  • Disaster Support
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Advising
  • Mental Health Help
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Citizenship
  • More…


Current Members


Members Assisted

Member Benefits & Services

The APBPA has been helping members since 1924. We have formed great relationships with great companies who have generously offer great benefits to our membership. We also work very hard at helping the members in need with many diferent resources.

Financial Support

We have distributed millions of dollars in financial aid throughout the years to ballplayers in need.

Medical Help

We help hurting current and former pro ballplayers get the medical help and care that they need to carry on.

Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters can be hard to overcome for anyone. We help ballplayers in their time of trouble get back on their feet.

Online Resources

We are constantly growing our online resources for education, mentorship, and business growth for ballplayers.

Career Counseling

For a lot of ballplayers, "What's next?" is the hardest question to answer after the game is gone. We help with that.

Addiction Services

We help ballplayers get the help they need when it comes to addiction - including substance abuse and gambling.

We’re here to help

Here’s what pro ballplayers say about the APBPA®.