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We hope you can all make it to our AZ Get Together Sept 7th!!

By August 11, 2019January 7th, 2022No Comments

We are excited to announce the APBPA, Association of Professional Ball Players of America, will be hosting a low key Brotherhood and Baseball Family get together event with delicious food and world famous pie at the beautiful & historical Rock Springs Cafe in Rock Springs, AZ Saturday Sept 7th from 4-10pm!! All are welcome including children! We hope you can all make it out!!

Tickets may be purchased by clicking here.

Please help us spread the word!! Please invite all your friends and former teammates! The cafe management has said nobody will be turned away. We will have room for everyone up to 1500 attendees! This is guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime magic evening!!

We have LEGENDARY current and former MLB and MiLB Ballplayers traveling in from all over the country including New York and Florida for this event including Micah and Keeley Bowie, Bobby Grich, Kameron Loe, Mark Acre, Greg and Michelle Pryor, Tim Sommer, Kevin Jacobson, Rudy and Hilda Arias, Ray Holbert, Carlos Carrasco, Kip Gross, Carlos Castillo, possibly Tommy Patton, and many more as they RSVP.

We will have a delicious buffet of award winning meatloaf or home style sliced turkey breast with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and all the lemonade, coffee, and water you can drink. The cafe’s world famous pies can be purchased for an additional cost per pie.

Full alcoholic cash bar available.

Ticket sales include meal and donation to the APBPA to financially assist our down and out Members of the Baseball Family, our stem cells for all Member crowdfunded benefit, and to begin our $1,000,000 in assistance efforts for over 600 additional non pensioned former players who recently arrived at our doorstep needing our financial and other services. In addition, with the funds raised we are implementing our newly expanded nationwide mentoring program to ensure every current and former player can have access to an experienced mentor for guidance and support, over 14, 000 nationwide career positions offered specifically for former pro athletes, and educational modules to help address many of the challenges current and former players face.

Furthermore, it is incredible to witness what has come recently together for the Brotherhood and Baseball Family from the Brotherhood and Baseball Family through the APBPA! Every day additional former Pro Ballplayers and other individuals are signing on to create an expanding holistic network of support and discounted and pro non services for APBPA Members.

For more information on the APBPA’s Health Solution Revolution programs and Micah Bowie’s legacy please visit: (Use promo code: APBPA for 20% off) Brought to the Brotherhood by former MLB pitcher Kameron Loe. Fromenergy uses precise amounts of corrective energy to improve your body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate. (For mental health and career and life skills) Brought to the Brotherhood by former MLB pitcher Mark Acre. Get Abstract is powerful, compressed knowledge in quick summaries from over 20,000 non fiction books. (Use promo code: APBPA for 10% off and 10% of sales are donated back to the APBPA) Brought to the Brotherhood by former MLB infielder Greg Pryor. Backed by Life Extension science and is the highest bioavailability.  (Use promo code: APBPA for 10% off) A thermogram has some advantages over a mammogram and an ultrasound, including the ability to detect physiologic changes in a cancer while it’s still in the cellular phase-sometimes years before it is detectable mammographically or thru an ultrasound. Thermography can also detect lymphatic congestion and hormonal imbalances as well as monitor dietary changes. It can assess breast cancer risk, which is also something mammography and ultrasound technology cannot do. Free prescription discount card. Save up to 80% on brand name or generic prescriptions Free hearing consultations and significant discounts through nationwide network of hearing professionals Long term care discounts Discounted vision care Major medical, short-term medical, dental, life insurance, accident, critical illness, and disability benefits, free prescription card Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance plan discounts

Together we are saving and improving lives!!

Ballplayers Saving Ballplayers Since 1924!

The APBPA was formed in Los Angeles in 1924 when twelve former players gathered and determined there was a need to assist the less fortunate members of the baseball profession. Since then, the Association has grown to over 101,000 current members. ​

Since its inception in 1924 the Association has provided temporary financial assistance in excess of $5 million to over 3,600 current and ex-professional players, coaches, umpires, scouts, and trainers. Major League Baseball and the National Association of the Minor Leagues have endorsed the Association as their benevolent organization and recognize the important role the Association plays in helping those ballplayers in need.

Here is an article about all of our new programs to help Ballplayers and the Baseball Family:

More information on all of our benefits and APBPA Membership please visit

We look forward to seeing you in Arizona!!!