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We are excited to announce the APBPA’s new Youth Membership Program Directed by former MLB Detroit Tiger Ike Blessitt Jr!

By May 30, 2020January 6th, 2022No Comments

The new APBPA Youth Membership Program is for our pro ball player members and professional coaches to help mentor and connect with the youth. Let’s please bring back all that’s been lost to baseball including playing pepper per prior APBPA Board Member Ted Williams’ request. Let us please also make sure EVERY child who wants to play baseball can have access to equipment, fields, and coaches.
Youth -feel free to post your videos in our Facebook group at

Professional Baseball Coach Friends -please join us in assisting the youth in our new APBPA Coaches & Youth group and please invite your former teammates to join us as well. United together you are all a tremendous force for good. Thank you Director of Youth Services Ike Blessitt for all you’re doing to bring back what’s been lost to Baseball.

Annual youth memberships are $100/yr and youth can sign up at

Coaches feel free to post anything and everything you feel is helpful! Please invite your former teammates to participate with us.
Thank you to all our members for giving back to our youth who need us more than ever before. You’re all heroes of athleticism, courage, and compassion.