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Update on Micah Bowie, Stem Cells for All, & the APBPA’s Health Solution Revolution…

By July 9, 2019January 7th, 2022No Comments

As of today, former MLB pitcher, Micah Bowie, is headed in for his first round of stem cell treatment therapy brought about by the immense compassion and generosity of the Baseball Brotherhood and Baseball Family!!

Please pray for his complete and speedy healing! For those of you who are unaware of Micah’s story, here is an article about what he was enduring in his fight to live after a failed back surgery for his injuries incurred while pitching.

When the APBPA and the Brotherhood and Baseball Family found out about Micah’s fight for survival, together in a matter of days, they raised over $29,000 after seeking a goal of $25,000 to fund stem cell treatments for Micah to help save his life. Giostar Labs was so moved by the compassion and generosity that was displayed by the Brotherhood and Baseball Family that a new philanthropic project was born, Stem Cells For All, as Micah’s legacy to bring free and reduced cost stem cell treatments to all those who could otherwise not afford them. Please visit and for more info on this incredible, potentially life saving program or to sign up as a recipient or to donate towards it.

Furthermore, we have just named what has magnetically come together for the Brotherhood and Baseball Family, and now the entire country, the Health Solution Revolution.

The Baseball Brotherhood through the APBPA and our efforts together with Micah Bowie in our fight to help save his life have now brought real hope and healing to former Pro Ballplayers and now to everyone in the country despite our country’s current ailing medical system.

Just recently the trifecta of Giostar’s Stem Cells for All, Fromenergy, former MLB pitcher Kameron Loe’s micro current healing and rejuvenating therapies, and former MLB infielder Greg Pryor’s Life Priority supplements have come together with generous discounts for members through the Association to help save and dramatically improve the quality of life for anyone who needs it. It is magical to witness all these wonderful benefits being offered to genuinely help those who suffer, and as Greg Pryor says, “when you feel better, everything gets better.”

For more info or to sign up for free or reduced cost stem cell treatments visit or visit for additional info on any of these programs.

(And former Pro Ballplayers of the Baseball Brotherhood PLEASE make sure you are a current Member of the Association. Ballplayers Helping Ballplayers Since 1924 is a crucial, valuable, and lifesaving mission to be a part of. Click here to join us.

For anyone who was not a Professional Ballplayer, one may still become an Honorary Member of the APBPA. )

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