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Have you registered on our helpful new APBPA website yet?

By June 14, 2019January 7th, 2022No Comments

Please check out our new site at designed by former Pro Ballplayer, Clay Eavenson! You do have to register to gain access.

If you are a current APBPA Member for 2019 please use promo code: APBPA2019 when registering.

If you are an APBPA Life Member please enter your Life Member # for your access.

If you have let your APBPA membership lapse, you are welcome to sign on and become current for 2019. All prior membership years do count.

Please tell all your Pro Ballplayer friends and former teammates to come back on board as current members well. This is such an important mission to be a part of!

Also here is the link for all of the Association’s new store items: