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It has been a God send for me. 

It has been very good and has kept me alive. God bless all of you.
– Former minor league starting pitcher for the California Angels organization

Some people make your day and some make your whole life. The Association has made such a major difference in my life. No former player gets left behind. I love the Association.
– Former pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates

You guys are rocking it! I am glad to know there is someone looking out for these players that need your help.
– James Cameron  Assistant Minor League Clubhouse and Equipment Manager Arizona Diamondbacks

Anyone who has played professional baseball should seriously consider membership in The Association of Professional Ball Players  of America, an outstanding organization that truly cares about you as a human being. The Association has been a God send for my family.  My son (also a professional baseball player), was homeless for several years as a result of an incident which left him unable to function properly. The Association stepped in and provided valuable Assistance!

Truly a blessing!
– Former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers organization

I remember how proud I was back in the 80’s when it was time to pay our annual dues to be a part of the brotherhood. I couldn’t wait to get my new card & sticker each year. I eventually became a Lifetime Member and received a very nice gold badge. 

Many years later in 2015, I suffered a detached retina that resulted in multiple surgeries and over 100 visits to the U.C. Davis Med Center. As a result, I have a permanent buckle inserted into my eye and have permanent damage.

Shortly after having a major surgery to save my eye, I contacted the Association and Dick Beverage. He was so kind and immediately took action to assure that I would receive assistance from the Association. His compassion and support were such a big help. I have so much respect for the Association and all that they do to help former players in need. Although Dick is no longer with the Association, he worked so many years and is such a big reason they are able to help so many. From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for the support.
– Ken Clawson pro ball for nine seasons. Both here in the states and overseas. Third Baseman, Shortstop and Pitcher for the San Diego Padres organization

This Organization really is who they say they are and the assistance really goes to who they say it does. Ballplayers Helping BallplayersSince 1924 is such an important mission to be a part of. This organization is the Baseball Brotherhood.
-Former MLB Scout

I just want to announce some amazing news:

I received notice today that a treatment will be available for me that would otherwise never happen. Stem cell treatment has been showing amazing results, but is not approved by either of my insurances. The cost for the treatment, even with a special discount for former professional athletes is $10,000.

Because of a donation from former big leaguer Micah Bowie, and the Association of Professional Ball Players of America, I got selected as one of 20 former athletes that will be receiving this treatment at no cost.

I’m truly overwhelmed right now. Very few people know of the constant pain I live in. For a small example, I’ve slept about 5 hours in the last 3 days due to pain in my knee. I can no longer walk up or down stairs without using upper body strength.

In talking to one of the other former pros that has recently received this treatment, he went from a constant pain level of 8-9 to a 5-6 immediately. And has since reported that it’s getting even better! I truly cannot put into words how much hope this gives me. I’m literally overwhelmed with emotion. (which I will blame on lack of sleep)

The fact that Micah made this donation is even more humbling. If you haven’t heard about his journey yet, you should look it up. It’s heart breaking, and his strength and his family’s resilience is unreal.

Thank you to Bobby Grich, Micah, and the Association. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. You truly are an answer to prayers that I thought were unheard. Thank you to my retirement group for making this connection. Thank you Mike Rossiter for the feedback brother. But most of all, thank you Lord. Through you miracles really can happen. And my sincerest apology, for not having faith that it ever would.
– Former Independent League pitcher

Very responsive organization and important programs are offered
-Former 2nd baseman for the Dodgers Organization

They take care of players who have hit hard times. They do it Anonymously and have given away over 5 million Dollars since 1924. The association has a new President Bobby Grich who is very committed to the cause. The yearly event is awesome.
– Brother of former MLB pitcher

I would tell the world about the Association, They are the best people I have ever come to know.
-Former outfielder for the New York Yankees organization

I am a former Minor League player and I have supported this Association during my playing time from 1990-2004. I let my dues lapse early on, but I’m ready to get back in there after some tough times of my own. Great Association!
– First Baseman and Leftfielder for the Cincinnati Reds Organization

Literally within hours of APBPA finding out about this story, they stepped up to help. If you need a reason to support APBPA look no further than this:
– Tim Virgilio, Founder of Signatures For Soldiers

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Ball players helping ball players.