Dr. Drayton Patterson

Psychologist/Professional Speaker/Best Selling Author

Dr. Patterson has been a proud Lifetime APBPA Member since 2005,
and as of August 2019 been named as a Board Member, Ambassador, and the Head of our new Mental and Holistic Health Board. Drayton is also a 2x Best Selling Author (one book written with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame), a professional speaker, and a man with a compassionate vision for the world that includes opportunity for all and a clear path to success.

Smoke signed a Minor League Players Contract, was a Manager, Third Base Coach, and Pitching Coach for the East Chicago Conquistadors of the now defunct Mid-America League. Unfortunately, severe shoulder, back, and knee injuries and surgeries shortened Smoke’s pitching career at the Minor League level after being a 10x All-Star in Semi-Pro ball.

Personal tryouts with the White Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, and Blue Jays revealed that Smoke needed 7-8 days of rest between pitching starts for his pitching arm to fully recover. Of significant note, Dr. Patterson is stated to be professional baseball’s first Ph.D. Psychologist to manage a professional baseball team.

After scouting 5 years with the MLB Scouting Bureau and 2 years with the Texas Rangers, Smoke joined Sam McDowell’s Triumph’s Unlimited group serving as the team Psychologist for the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays (Minors), and also was the team Psychologist when he
served as manager.

Smoke started the Independent Scouting Service (1996-97), and continues to
work independently as a Psychologist with many professional baseball players and other athletes. Dr. Patterson has provided psychological service to children and their families and teachers since 1984, was an administrator, and has taught and lectured at the collegiate and university level, and is widely known for his research in self-esteem and self-concept enhancement.

Affectionately referred to as “Dr. P” and “Dr. Smoke” by athletes, Smoke’s wealth of experience has provided thousands of individuals with information on how to maximize their true potential to “be the best
that they can be”. Drayton has traveled throughout the U.S. and beyond delivering his holistic and positive psychology based messages that educate and uplift individuals, helping them to realize that everyone has the power embedded within themselves to succeed and become healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous individuals, and that this self-actualization can become a reality.

The founder of Chicago’s “Stress Reduction Clinic”, Dr. Patterson speaks on topics such as Mental Conditioning for Success, Stress Management Techniques, Decision Making Strategies, Character Development, Cultural Diversity, Enhancing Your Self-Esteem and Self-Concept, and
coping effectively with adversity.

Having his Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation published, Dr. P. also wrote a monthly newspaper column for Minor League Players, named “Winning With Sport Psychology”. Drayton is also President of the Zoreda Rone Patterson Foundation (not for profit) in memory of his Mom, a former Teacher of the Year who passed away of ALS, providing help and recognition for at-risk youth and caregivers of the terminally and chronically ill.

Drayton “Smoke” Patterson: Baseball-Reference link: https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Talk:East_Chicago_Conquistadors

Dr. Patterson can be reached at: patterson964@comcast.net

Website: draytonpatterson.theroadtosuccessbook.com

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