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APBPA Partners with Trove Den Sports

By August 28, 2020January 6th, 2022No Comments

What is The Trove Sports Den

The Trove Sports Den is a one of a kind subscription-based website that will allow you to socially interact with former and current baseball players in a private Facebook group page, as well as receive autographed items from the players depending on the selected subscription!  First choose from one of the three (3) subscription levels listed below.  After that, simply follow the instructions sent via email to get access to the Facebook page to start interacting with them today!  For more information on how to access the Facebook group, who the players are and how and when you receive your items from subscription purchases, please check out the FAQs link.

The Trove Sports Den also holds autograph signings.  Further down this page is the current listings of the upcoming signing events.  Simply select a player, choose items and check out following the instructions on the players description.

The Trove Sports Den also has the only platform where not only can you do a “Shout out” video for a friend, loved one, someone in need, or any other occasion.  We also have some players that are taking live phone calls and video chats with everyone, plus an occasional webinar!  Our clientele is always growing for videos, phone calls and video chats.  These are an amazing opportunity to be able to offer everyone and limited for some!

How To Subscribe

To Subscribe, choose from our multiple tiered options on the main page or click the ‘catalog’. After choosing what tier is right for you, choose the length your subscription will last. We have options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The longer your subscription, the better your monthly discount!

How To Access The Facebook Group

After subscribing, please go to your email to get the link to access the Facebook page. Remember, when clicking join on the Facebook page, to answer the questions and read the rules. Be sure to use the email in the questions that you used to subscribe so we can locate you quicker and get you added faster! Get ready to have the time of your life online with the current and former ball players on the page! There will be new players joining regularly!

What Players Are In The Group

We have players from all over the professional sport in this group, from World Series Champions to All-Stars among other awards. Some of the ball players that are in this group currently are as follows:

Billy Brewer, Jerry Spradlin, Ryan Lavarnway, Chris Hammond, Mike Remlinger, Kip Gross, Josh Zeid, Brian Tollberg, Richie Lewis, Carl Nichols, Travis Hughes, Roe Skidmore, Rick Greene, Derrick May, Dave Veres, Tom Browning and many more!

Be sure not to miss out. You never know who will end up popping in and telling stories, sharing pictures, answering your questions and chatting with you.

When and How You Receive Your Items

Your items will ship every month based on your subscription sign up date. For subscriptions beginning between the 15th and 27th of any month, your items will ship out on the 28th of every month thereafter. Subscriptions initiated between the 28th through the 14th of the following month will have items shipped out on the 15th. If one of the two designated shipping dates falls on a weekend or holiday, items will be shipped out the next business day via USPS